Fish Trade Database

The World Wide Marketing Database for the Fish Industry

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Fish Trade Database is an online 'live database' that allows businesses within the Fish Industry to search for useful contacts, worldwide.


Our online database will allow you to filter the database so you can retrieve accurate information about our members. Once you have located the members you will have access to their website address, telephone contact details, and email contacts.


You have salmon that you would like to sell into France.

1.Go to 'Search' on your Home PageYou can only do this once you have registered and paid.
2.Select , LOCATION, and scroll down to France
3. Select, TRADE, and scroll down to Salmon wholesale.
4.'Click' FILTER
5. Companies will appear, 'click' on DETAILS.
6.You now have the company details as below.

  • Company name
  • Contact name
  • What the Company specialises in - Salmon, Whitefish, Shellfish etc
  • Location in the world
  • Specific Trade, wholesaler, aquaculture, machinery
  • Contact details, email, phone and fax numbers

COST  :   To use this facility there is annual charge of €95.00

Note: If your company has a website, we will display it on for a small additional charge of €55.00 a year.  See "Advertising" on the home page of for more information.

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